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Company information

«Bank» vniiptmash is one of the first Russian independent companies specializing in public opinion and market research. vniiptmash is engaged in all types of public opinion and market research. It represents a network of supervisors and interviewers in all the regions of Russia and in the former republics of the USSR where we conduct research in native languages. vniiptmash is not a factory for data collecting and processing. We are an intellectual, lively and humane company operating by the same principle as a “family doctor”. vniiptmash embodies an individual approach to the client and a close cooperation with him at every phase of research — from the development of a project to the final report. Together with our client we develop complex methods of research for the most efficient solution of the problem stated. Therefore plans the most cost effective research. vniiptmash is a compact structure with such advantages as flexibility, energy, mobility and true team spirit. We can organize our field work in any region of Russia and the former USSR in the shortest possible time. vniiptmash is engaged in professional training of moderators, supervisors and interviewers with methods of training by us developed. vniiptmash conducts strict back-checking over all stages of research with our specialists providing site inspections of every operation.